4 May 2013

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Olli Rehn is European Commissioner for Economic and Monetary Affairs and the Euro. He is also vice president of the European Commission. He is one of the Troika bureaucrats who use the euro currency to enslave all of the euro-zone outside Germany.

Mr. Rehn says the euro-zone’s depression (outside Germany) will continue to get worse. Much worse. He calls it a “period of adjustment.” (Translation: The Troika and Germany are reducing continental Europe to a feudal society of peasants and lords.)

Since austerity is now a dirty word, Mr. Rehn calls it, “economic liberalization.” Rehn says that countries like Greece need much more austerity economic liberalization in order for bankers and Germany to keep stealing all assets to get credit flowing to households and businesses.

Another member of the Troika is Jose Manuel Barroso, president of the European Commission. Mr. Barraso continually defends German tyranny, since this keeps the euro-zone using the euro-currency, and thus keeps Mr. Barroso in power.

Barroso says the euro-zone death spiral is not caused by himself, or Germany, or the euro currency.

“They are the result of excessive spending policies, of lack of competitiveness and irresponsible action by the financial markets.”


“The Eurogroup decisions are always taken unanimously. It’s totally unfair to present these measures as though they were imposed by a single country or a single institution.”

Now that is true. Euro-zone politicians all support the euro, because if they don’t, they will be kicked off the Troika payroll and out of office; doomed to suffer along with the starving masses.

Meanwhile in London, John Springford is a “research fellow” at a propaganda mill called the Center for European Enslavement Reform. (When the word “reform” is spoken by the rich, or by their puppets, or by the media, it means, “Widen the wealth gap.” Austerity is “reform.” Social Security must be “reformed.”)


economics professor

Mr. Springford says the most effective medicine for the euro zone would be for Germany to stimulate its own economy to raise German consumer demand for more of the goods sold by nations in Southern Europe.

Nonsense. Germany’s slave nations get all their money as loans from Germany. Therefore it will make no difference if Germany increases its demand for goods and services produced in the slave nations, since the slaves have no money to produce things to sell to Germany. Anyway, Germany is enjoying its trade surplus. Germany sends goods and services to its slave states, who must buy them on credit — which allows Germany to take all their assets as payment. That’s what austerity is all about, and it continues because politicians in the various slave nations are getting fat on the German payroll. The ECB in Frankfurt has 600 employees whose job is to credit the accounts of corrupt politicians in the slave nations.

In any case, the average German is happy with the way things are. Unemployment in Germany is actually falling. The wheel has turned. The Allies imposed draconian “war reparations” on a defeated Germany after World War One, and now Germany has enslaved those same victors.


Government debt in the slave states continues to climb. In Cyprus and Portugal their debt is 124% of GDP, Italy 132%, and Greece 175%. Eventually Germany will capture everything of worth in the slave nations, at which point German bankers and elitists will eat the German public who are now living so well.

Mr. Springford says that another effective measure might be for Germany to drop its opposition to more direct lending by the European Central Bank to small and midsize companies in those countries.

This is more garbage. Lending means loans, i.e. more debt and thus more austerity (and more debt).

As I said, the slave nations must borrow all their money from the Troika, especially the ECB in Germany. On 2 May 2013 the ECB cut its interest rate to a record low, but it made no difference, since the slave nations are so far in debt they cannot function at all. Their unemployment, poverty, and austerity continue to worsen.



Before 2008, Poland and the other post-communist nations of Central and Eastern Europe were eager to adopt the euro, since they stupidly thought it would help guarantee their economic and political security. All had pledged to eventually adopt the euro as a condition of joining the European Union, but fortunately for them, no deadline was set.

Now the Polish public has seen the truth, and they do not want the euro. They do not want to become slaves of the Troika and Germany. A February survey by the public-opinion research firm CBOS found that 64% of Poles are opposed to euro adoption, while 29% are in favor and 7% said they were undecided.


However, Polish politicians want the euro, since it is the perfect excuse to increase austerity and the wealth gap in Poland. Also, the euro would bring more power and wealth to people like Jacek Rostowski, who is both finance minister and deputy prime minister. If Rostowski can manage to impose the euro on his slaves, then his German masters will let him rule as their viceroy (i.e. prime minister of Poland).

Thus, polish politicians once again are talking about imposing the euro on the public. They are using reverse psychology; pretending that Poland is “not good enough” to join the euro-zone. That is, “Poland is too strong must work to meet the requirements” to enter the commonwealth  and be enslaved by the Troika.

Would-be Polish king Jacek Rostowski admits that he is looking for the right lies that will camouflage his euro-coup.

“We are looking for metrics that will allow us to convince Poles that Poland is sufficiently well prepared to be able to really benefit from joining.”

The Solidarity labor movement wants euro membership to be subject to a referendum, but Mr. Rostowski will not allow the public to have a voice.  For the moment, he will use austerity (i.e. deficit reduction) to squeeze the Polish public. As public pain increases, Rostowski will keep telling them that their pain will end the moment they accept utter slavery the euro and its agony. Rostowski will also tell the Polish public that with the euro, Poland can enslave other nations like Germany does.

“Countries that are competitive and strong and join the euro benefit from it. Countries that are relatively weak may actually lose.”

However, there can be only one emperor, and the emperor is German.





“The sequester cuts are only now beginning to hit. Austerity is driving Europe deeper into recession. China is slowing, as are US exports. And Washington is about to descend into another self-manufactured crises around next year’s budget and the debt ceiling. The positive signs in housing, the extraordinary measures taken by the Federal Reserve, the soaring stock market are undermined by Washington’s failure.”

~ Robert Borosage, co-director of the Campaign for America’s Future. “


Austerity is a deliberate, intentional, and highly successful means to widen the gap between rich and poor. To call it a “failure” is to live in denial, and to aid the assault. It is also denial to pretend that there are “positive signs in housing,” and that the Fed’s “extraordinary measures” (i.e. QE) are designed to boost the economy. (The purpose of QE is to juice the stock market and the financial economy at the expense of the real economy.)

Here is more denial from Borosage…

 “Congress cannot even agree on the problem. Despite the fact that their approach has been discredited—academically and practically—there are still members of the House and Senate who buy into the fantasy that what’s holding the economy back is government spending.”

Wrong. Since the 1% want to widen the gap between themselves and us, they pay politicians to impose austerity on us. Therefore politicians all agree that the middle and lower classes must have more austerity (always more). For Republicans, that means cuts in social programs. For Democrats, it means tax increases on the middle and lower classes.


Obama is one of them. He cannot pass formal “laws” per se, but he can issue executive orders, which are instructions to the executive branch of the federal government, including the Treasury. Obama could stimulus-spend via a platinum coin, for example. Presidents start wars by executive order, and wars require spending. President Reagan used an executive order to bar the use of federal funds for advocating abortion. President Clinton reversed this order when he came into office. Congress can override an executive order, but two-thirds of Congress must agree to do so. The US Supreme Court can challenge executive orders, but it too is owned by the rich.

Obama could stimulus-spend if he wanted to.




Robert Trivers is a professor of anthropology and biological sciences at Rutgers University in New Jersey. He is an evolutionary biologist:

“Our sensory systems are organized to give us a detailed and accurate view of reality, but our minds distort the information. We repress painful memories, create false ones, rationalize immoral behavior and jack up our self-esteem. We deny the truth.”

Gee, does that happen in economics?


In his latest book, The Folly of Fools: The Logic of Deceit and Self-Deception in Human Life, Trivers says we evolved the tendency to deceive ourselves because this makes it easier for us to lie to others.

Lying may be a product of natural selection. Females choose mates based on a male’s status, resources and willingness to invest. Males who are more adept at deceiving females regarding these attributes are more likely to have sex, and reproductive success. They have more offspring, all of whom carry genetic traces of their parents’ penchant for deception.

Lying to ourselves, however, can be costly. One way we lie to ourselves is by seeking information selectively. In one experiment, people who were told they were likely to be chosen as a prospective date focused on the positive attributes of the potential date. People who were told they were unlikely to be chosen focused negative attributes, rationalizing their disappointment. Both groups deceived themselves by distorting the information they got.

In another experiment, researchers assembled a group of people who strongly supported or opposed capital punishment. Everyone was then presented with facts supporting both positions. The result? The people became even more strident in their views. Each group distorted the information to align with prior beliefs.

Self-deception was responsible for the loss of the Challenger and Columbia space shuttles. NASA’s leaders persuaded themselves to ignore warnings issued by the scientists. Decisions to go to war, which can cost millions of lives, are often made in a cloud of self-deception.

And then there’s the claim that austerity equals prosperity. When politicians make this claim, they lie to us. When we believe it, we lie to ourselves.




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