17 May 2013



Check out these two cartoons below…


As you know, euro-zone nations (except for Germany) get all their money by borrowing it from the ECB in Frankfurt, or by selling bonds (which is more or less the same thing). The ECB creates loan money out of nothing on its computer keyboard, and issues it as debt to the euro-zone nations. The EC bureaucrats in Brussels are the political adjuncts of the ECB in Frankfurt.

It’s a gigantic scam, and it has made Germany a nation of thieves.

Think about it. You need money, so you come to me for a loan. I create the loan money on my computer keyboard, out of nothing, since all money is digital. (Coins and paper bills are currency, but not “money,” and in most nations they represent only 3% of the digital “money supply.”)


You must pay that money back to me, plus interest. But you can’t pay me, since you must get loans from me to pay for anything, including your debts to me. So you pay me via austerity. You give me your natural resources (oil, gas, minerals, produce, etc). You sell your public assets to me and my cronies at fire sale prices. You must privatize everything, and give it all to me. I am a thief; the ultimate parasite. You are my victim; my host. You do all the work. I collect all the goodies.

This is the reality, but it is reversed in cartoons and comments like those above.

In the top cartoon we see arms outstretched to Angela Merkel. The arms are not victims of Germany, but selfish beggars. “Takers.” Merkel is a generous woman they all depend on. A “maker.” She is wise, thrifty, and noble. They are profligate slobs.

In the bottom cartoon, a virtuous Merkel urges euro-zone nations to be prudent like her. The other nations treat her nice until they get money from her, and then they insult her.

IN REALITY the “rescue bag” is lent to them. It contains a debt bomb inside. The euro-zone nations ask for a life preserver from Merkel, and she throws them a chunk of lead.

Germany robs, exploits, and enslaves the other euro-zone nations, while pretending to be a righteous “victim” of them. (This is how most average Germans think.)

Why then do so many cartoonists promote Germany’s tyranny? This is part of the sickness of mankind.  If you get control of the banking system, such that everyone must come to you for loans (which you create out of nothing on your keyboard) then society regards you as noble, virtuous, and “morally superior.” You are better in every way. You are a creditor.

Meanwhile your slaves, the victims that you rob, the ones who do all the work, and pay all the blood — they are “morally inferior” because they owe you.

This reversal of reality is nauseating.



Change of subject

Speaking of nauseating, the cartoon below is from a right-wing blog.


The cartoon indicates that any money the federal government spends on social programs is not created out of nothing on a computer keyboard, but is “other people’s money.” Those “other people” are you and me. So, if we get any money from the federal government, we are stealing (from ourselves).

This stupidity happens because right-wing-retards don’t see money as a circulatory system that goes into shock when austerity shuts the system down. No, they see money as originating in some mysterious source, and vanishing forever when it is spent. If I purchase a good or service from you, then the money disintegrates as it leaves my hand. POOF.

So think the right-wing-retards. Perhaps we can use an analogy from electricity. Our fiat money system correspondes to an alternating current delivery infrastructure, whereas the right-wing-retards falsely think the technology is direct-current.

The cartoon below is from 1932, which shows that the lies never die. The lies are like zombies. They keep coming back. They are undead.


In the cartoon below, the US “national debt” is portrayed as an enormous burden on the US government and people. It is a “monumental amount” that we will have to pay off sooner or later.  It is a mounting catastophe, like tectonic stresses building to an earthquake.

Fortunately it’s a false alarm. No American will ever have to pay a single penny on the “national debt,” since the Fed pays interest on T-securities by using its keyboard to credit accounts.


I shall correct the image…

chicken_littleNow look at the image below. If you think that austerity is “failing,” then you are an idiot, for you had to be stupid enough to believe that austerity equaled prosperity in the first place.

Austerity has not “failed.” On the contrary, it has succeeded spectacularly in its mission, which is to widen the gap between the rich and the rest.


Get this…

The case for austerity, the notion that steep budget cuts can spur economic growth, has taken a beating lately. Now austerity lovers are tweaking their argument: Austerity during crises doesn’t necessarily spur short-term growth. Instead, it sets the conditions for painful long-term reforms.

That’s true, since the “reforms” are a permanent shrinking of the middle class, and a permanent widening of the wealth gap, which is what austerity is all about.

To “reform” is to smash the current form of society, and to re-form it into a feudal society with peasants and lords. Indeed, “reform” is one of the code words for austerity, the process of widening the wealth gap. There are many such codewords for austerity, e.g. “structural adjustment,” “economic restructuring,” “fiscal transformation,” and so on.




A couple of paragraphs below is an example of the “economic restructuring” euphemism…

The eurozone is now in its longest ever recession — beating even the calamitous slump that hit the region in the financial crisis of 2008-9.

As I keep saying, the euro-zone (except for Germany) will remain in a recession forever, or until the nations dump the euro currency. Whichever comes first. If you must borrow all your currency, then you will have a perpetually growing mountain of debt, unless you have a whopping trade surplus like Germany has.

The European Union statistics office said Wednesday that nine of the 17 EU countries that use the euro are in recession, with France a notable addition to the list.

If the statistics office were more honest, it would admit that ALL of the euro-zone nations (except Germany) are in recession.

There was also bad news for the wider 27-country EU, which includes non-euro members such as Britain and Poland. It too is now in recession after shrinking by a quarterly rate of 0.1 percent in the first quarter, following a 0.5 percent drop in the previous period.

In their case the recession is purely gratuitous. Politicians are imposing austerity in order to widen the gap between rich and poor.

The euro-zone is facing a double blow from necessary restructuring of its domestic economy and somewhat disappointing growth in world trade, in particular demand from emerging markets,” said Marie Diron, senior economic adviser to Ernst & Young.

There it is again. “Necessary restructuring” (into a feudal society). All social programs must be eliminated. The rich must be worshipped as gods. This is a “necessary restructuring.”




Let’s dynamite it!



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