18 May 2013




Paul Krugman still has trouble accepting this reality. Yesterday in his  column (seen below) he admitted part of the truth, but  refused to admit all of it. He concedes that the rich “take advantage of crisis,” but he will not admit that the rich deliberately cause crises – e.g. when they bribe politicians to impose gratuitous austerity on the public.

Nor can Krugman admit that austerity tomorrow (or any other day) is as bad as austerity today.

krugman 16 May

Right, Kruman. Sure. The rich and the bankers don’t cause crises. They merely “take advantage” of them.





Michael Kinsley was born in the Detroit wasteland, but built a comfortable living by spewing excrement for the rich. Recently in the New Republic (a right-wing blog) Kinsley tried to defend austerity.

 Austerians believe that their path is the quicker one to prosperity in the longer run.

Yes, we must have more austerity (always more) so that some distant unknown day in the future, in the “long run,” we can have prosperity.


In the meantime, we must have more poverty, foreclosures, unemployment, suicides, crime, death and despair!

As you can see, this Kinsley clown is a serious asshole.

Michael Kinsley

 “Stimulus” is strong medicine—an addictive drug—and you don’t give the patient more than you absolutely have to.

 The government creates limitless money out of nothing. So what’s the problem? There isn’t any.

No one on the non-austerian side of this debate is proposing that we can run up the national debt forever and we never have to pay any of it back, although they can be hard to pin down on exactly when the payback starts. 

No American owes a single penny of the “national debt,” or will ever have to pay one penny on it. EVER.  The “national debt” is simply the amount of T-securities sold. The Fed pays interest on those securities by changing the numbers in digital bank accounts. The Treasuries sells the securities by choice, not necessity. If Kinsley is worried about the “national debt,” then he can tell the US Treasury to stop selling securities.

 Krugman now says that what he is against is “premature” fiscal austerity. So is everybody. They just disagree on what is “premature.”

Krugman spews a lot of bullshit, as I have continually exposed. By the way, not “everybody” is against “premature” austerity. Many are totally against it, period. There is never a good time for austerity. NEVER. This truth is chiseled in stone.


Krugman sometimes writes as if, right or wrong, his view is the courageous one, held by folks willing to stand up to the plutocrats and their lackies. But his message to all classes is: party on. It’s your patriotic duty. How much courage does that take? The really tough message—once again, right or wrong—is the one the austerians have to deliver, which is that the party is over.

Yup. Right or wrong, we must have more austerity. Always more. More poverty, inequality, and despair. That’s the “courageous” view.

 What’s in all this for the austerians? If Krugman is right that the results of austerity are harmful and potentially catastrophic, why should the elites who he says have the real power be pushing it so hard? What is the austerians’ motive?

To widen the wealth gap, as you damned well know, asshole.

Michael Kinsley 2

We have to pay a price for past sins, and the longer we put it off, the higher the price will be.

What sins are those? Kinsley doesn’t say. Whatever they are, Kinsley implies that the guilty ones were not Wall Street, but average people.

It gets even worse…

Austerians don’t get off on other people’s suffering. They believe that theirs is the quickest way through the suffering. The austerians deserve credit: They at least are talking about the spinach, while the Krugmanites are only talking about dessert.

Can you believe this creep?












tom_tomorrow 0


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An idiotic reader comments:

This whole conspiracy-based theory of austerity is hogwash because:

1) The electorate just doesn’t buy the idea that debt doesn’t matter. At the very least they don’t buy that it’s OK to put off doing something about it for now. Perhaps they’re wrong but, the economic elites like Dr. K. haven’t been able to convince them otherwise.

That’s because morons like you keep echoing the lie that the “national debt” is a crisis, when in fact it simply represents the amount of T-securities sold. The Fed can easily and effortlessly pay off the entire “national debt” with no inflationary effect. How? Simply by changing the numbers in computers. If you deny this, then you do not understand how monetary systems work.


2) In Europe, austerity isn’t a choice. Spain and Greece face big problems accessing more credit. They made their shared currency bed now, they must lie in it. In Socialist France we have Hollande’s tax increases which themselves are a form of austerity.

Since euro-zone nations no longer create their own money, they must borrow all of it, which will keep them forever in a death spiral of escalating debt and austerity. The conspiracy, you retard, is between euro-zone politicians who protect the euro currency because they are on the Troika payroll. They get fat while their citizens starve.


3) Business interests hate economic uncertainty.

And what more certain environment is there than one in which average people  are crushed by austerity, while the big corporations can get money from the Fed at less than 1% interest? Money which they use to gamble with in the markets.

4.) As for the uber-rich what is the evidence, other than leftist ruminations, that they are cheerleaders for continued slow growth and unemployment?”

Go to my previous posts here and scroll two thirds of the way down to the heading, “You Want Evidence?”


There you will see links to studies and surveys which prove that the rich want austerity (i.e. deficit reduction), while the poor wants jobs.   Austerity widens the wealth gap.

Or you can ignore reality, and slither back down into your stinky little den of denial.

Austerity is killing people, you smug bastard!


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