19 May 2013







I will do it single-handedly, and with my own money.

First, some background…

The euro-zone’s 333 million people will continue to be crushed by austerity. Their governments have no choice, since their governments must borrow all their money. A few euro-zone nations that have small trade surpluses can hang on for a short while, since foreign trade brings in debt-free money, but this cannot prevail against the overall rising debt load.


The one exception is Germany, whose trade surplus is so huge that it far outstrips Germany’s debt.

Indeed, because of the euro-scam, Germany’s trade surplus is larger than ever, and it continues to grow each month.

That’s why Germany fanatically defends the euro.  It lets Germany suck the other nations dry. It’s also why Germany opposes the formation of a true banking union, in which the ECB gives (not lends) money to euro-zone states. And since the ECB is in Frankfurt, Germany holds the purse strings.


The German Federal Statistical Office claims that Germany’s trade surplus is about 20 billion euros per month, but I suspect it is much higher. (All governments lie about their own economies. No exceptions.) That’s 240 billion euros a year flowing into Germany debt-free, which is not bad, although it’s still only 8.57 % of Germany’s GDP of 2.8 trillion euros (USD $3.6 trillion).

The important thing is that Germany’s GDP and its trade surplus continue to grow, while the rest of the euro-zone nation continue to die in an ever-worsening depression.

Now I shall help them.

To begin with, people in the euro-zone should stop carrying signs like those we saw above, which call for an end to austerity. Instead. they should carry signs, banners, and flags that  attack the reason for austerity in Europe. Here are examples…

You will never see a sign or a banner like this in any European protest. That’s why the masses will continue to starve.

Therefore, in order to get the message out, I have launched an advertising campaign, which I personally paid for…












Speaking of “debt crisis”…






For decades, US News & World Report was right-wing, pro-war, pro-Wall Street, and so on.

But lately we see things like THIS…

While groups like Campaign to Fix the Debt tell us we need to obsess over a rising trend in the debt 10 years from now, we have more pressing things to worry about now. We need jobs now.

For that reason, the fall in the deficit isn’t good news at all. As long as people continue to try to pay down their debts, the government has to be willing to spend money and fix our $1 trillion a year output gap. That means, for now, that we need bigger and not smaller deficits.

 Yes, there’s no need to reduce the deficit and therefore cause a depression  now. We can cause a depression tomorrow.

Don’t tell that to the austerity crowd: they aren’t listening. But the evidence is there for those willing to see.

 Of course they aren’t listening. The rich pay them not to.

The Eurozone remains mired in recession with an all-time record unemployment rate. The world’s biggest experiment in austerity is a manifest failure.

“Experiment”? Nonsense. The euro currency  has increased the power of bankers, Gerrmany, and complicit politicians, and also increased the gap betweeen the 1% and 99%.  That was the euro’s purpose from the start: to “reform” Europe (i.e. to destroy its previous form, and replace it with a feudal society of rich lords and penniless peasants).

Not only has the economy shrunk and unemployment risen, austerity policies have not tamed the debt/GDP ratios in the Eurozone, as (except for Greece, which received some debt forgiveness) falls in economic growth have outpaced deficit reduction.

The scaremongers of the austerity crowd like to say that if our deficits continue, we’ll turn into Greece. The fact is, if we follow their advice, that’s just what will happen – but in terms of unemployment, not debt.

 I wonder if the magazine fired this author.



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