22 May 2013









22 May 2013 – A man walking near a military barracks in south London was rammed by a car and then hacked to death by two knife-wielding assailants, according to witness accounts.

The attack raised new fears of terrorism in Britain.


Oh hell, let’s just go all the way…



7 Responses to 22 May 2013

  1. netbacker says:

    I only came to know about your website last week. Please don’t stop publishing.
    I would like to save some of your posts so that I can reuse them, if that’s OK with you.
    Thanks for all the good work you are doing.
    Do you have a Facebook page? It would be a good idea to move the content to it for a wider audience participation.

  2. quatloosx says:

    Thanks. I had hoped that sarcastic images and illustrations would be amusing, but the blog stats say I get one visitor a day. Two at most.

    I will continue if one other person asks me to.

    No, I don’t have a Facebook page.

  3. Give it a bit more time. I’m blogging for myself as well, over at Hubpages. The marketing side of this isn’t automatic at all. Right now, it’s more important to amass some material.

  4. Jennet says:

    Just a suggestion: why not work with RMM and help him improve his site. You could bring all these awesome graphics over at Rodger’s Mythfighter and tidy it up a little bit.

    • quatloosx says:

      Thanks Jennet. Everything I learned about national finances I learned from Rodger. EVERYTHING. Rodger sometimes uses images in his blog, and I would love to do some for him, but he never asked. He knows about this blog.

      If anyone wants me to do an image that he or she can use in his own blog, just leave a request in the comments section of any post here. Explain what you want the image to convey, what size you want it, etc. I think of these images as political cartoons.

      Meanwhile, anyone and everyone is free to cut and paste any image from this blog. I don’t care about credit. I only care about all of us exposing the lies.

      • Jennet says:

        Same here. Learned a lot from reading Rodger’s blog.

        I do find his site rather messy though. I don’t understand why there’s a boy scouts logo in there or why the font size keeps getting smaller when you reply to a posted comment or why his search box is located at the bottom of his homepage.

        It would be awesome if you guys could collaborate to make his site more visitor friendly and thus generate more traffic, that is, if you do, indeed, wanted to close this one for lack thereof.

        Again, just a suggestion. Thank you.

      • quatloosx says:

        Thanks again. Regarding Rodger’s logo, it’s actually a common decorative motif, called a fleur-de-lis (a stylized lily or iris).


        Maybe Rodger liked the page layout or something.

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